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Sugar Daddy is an established site in matching together sugar daddies (wealthy men) and women looking to date or marry them. SugarDaddy.com has been around since 2002 and touts itself as "The first and original Sugar Daddie site." We definitely recommend it to those seeking to meet a millionaire mate.

  • Lots of attractive women, More women than men, Plenty of single millionaires

Overview SugarDaddie.com

So, who wants to marry a millionaire? Plenty of women as it turns out! SugarDaddie.com is definitely one of the leading sites that matches wealthy single men with women. Now, here is the million dollar question, can the site deliver you a sugar daddy or two?

Absolutely! Sugar Daddy has been featured on Good Morning America, Dr. Phil and the Mike & Juliet Show. Suffice it to say that the site has received lots of great exposure and as a result it has attracted a large number of single wealthy men and women seeking them out. We should mention that when using the site, we noticed a significantly larger pool of women than men. And yes, if you are wondering, the women are for the most part drop dead gorgeous and seemingly eager to please.

The site requires that the men earn at a minimum a salary of $100,000 or more. Obviously, many of the men earn much more than that so you safely add a zero to that number. Creating a profile is free of charge and the site features (search/communication) are solid but hardly spectacular. Nonetheless, the site delivers in a BIG way so if you are a Sugar Daddy and feel that your wealth should land you a dime piece/true gem, then stopping wasting your time on other dating sites and sign up to SugardDaddy.com.


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