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  • Number of Members : 310,000
  • Monthly Cost : $3
  • Online Since : 2006
  • Site Category : Free Dating
  • URL : mingle2.com

Mingle 2

Rating 2.5 – by EditorRating 2.5 – by EditorRating 2.5 – by EditorRating 2.5 – by EditorRating 2.5 – by Editor

Mingle2.com is a free dating and matchmaking service where single men and women can register, create profiles and connect with other single men and women interested in finding friendship, romance and more.

Overview Mingle 2

Mingle2.com is a popular free online personals site for single men and women who are searching for love and friendship. Members on Mingle2.com can search locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to find compatible partners.

The registration process for Mingle2.com is relatively simple and straight forward. Once a member registers and creates a profile, they can use the Mutual Match feature to view profiles. An online meeting can be decided simply clicking the Yes, No or Maybe button. To use the Mutual Match tool, your profile will need a photo.

Not only does Mingle2.com offer complimentary dating, but it also offers members a chance to receive bonuses, promotions and products. Mingle2.com also allows for relatively efficient navigation. Mingle2.com includes email filters to restrict contact based on age range, proximity and even smoking or drinking preferences. Stealth Mode is a sneaky way to take a look at other people’s profiles without letting them know you are interested in them.

The general services of Mingle2.com are free, but there are a few premium services which you can purchase, such as the chance to have your profile highlighted, and to have it appear before free members in searches, it will also highlight your profile in certain pages, such as who is online, and offers you the chance to see who thinks you are hot in the Mutual Match tool.


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Average Rating Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3
e | May 26th, 2010
Reviewer Rating Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3

free dating site, could be a powerhouse if viral campaign was created. good features.

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Average Rating Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3
ir | June 1st, 2010 at 11:01 AM
Commenter Rating Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3Rating 3

cool site. better than i expected. works like zoosk

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