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Mate1 has no shortage of good looking single men and women. Seriously, if this were a club, the eye candy would be top rated. The site has wonderful features and they go out of their way to make it easy for people to meet in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Please read our review below, but if looking to easily meet eager singles, we definitely recommend Mate1!

  • Fun, Casual, Affordable, Smoking hot members

Overview Mate1

Mate1.com is an awesome site for easily meeting other singles. The atmosphere is casual and striking a conversation with members is pretty easy (compared to some other dating sites). The feel is like that of a night club or Club Med getaway where everyone seems eager to meet.

The singles on Mate1 are quite good looking; this is probably due to the younger/hip crowd that they attract but there's no shortage of 20-40 years olds ready to start a conversation.

The site features are solid. Nice design, good communication tools and an emphasis is made on member photos. Last we checked a member could load up to 22 photos. Anyway, we really liked our experience on Mate1.com and give it a 4 star rating. Click below and give it a try!

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