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Matchmaker.com is one of the oldest, best established online dating sites. Best we can tell, this dating site has been around since 1996..

The site is is geared towards more serious minded singles looking to meet their match. To that end, we recommend Matchmaker as a good personals site for meeting singles who are committed to connecting with their match.

  • Quality profiles, Serious minded members, Chat, Reasonable membership rates

Overview Matchmaker.com

Unlike many of the newer dating sites that are new to the scene, Matchmaker has been helping singles connect since 1996. The site excels for a number of reasons.

For starters, it caters to the more serious minded dater who is ready to get serious once he meets the right person. Secondly, Matchmaker.com has good site features that make it easier to meet your match. If you enjoy chatting people, there's seldom a shortage of people online to connect with. In addition, the staff at Matchmaker does a good job of screening profiles and keeping the site clean. Overall, the experience on Matchmaker.com is a positive one.

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