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Lavalife.com is a well established dating service that first made headway in the late 90s catering to Canadian singles. Since then, it as expanded its service to the US, UK and elsewhere.

  • Good communication features, Lots of members (especially from Canada)

Overview Lavalife.com

Lavalife is a really solid matchmaking site. The site is particularly popular among Canadian singles but the service is also used by a significant number of singles that reside in the USA and the UK.

Lavalife.com allows members to Flirt for free as well as to respond to received mail. The site also offers an online magazine for singles called "Click Magazine" as well as a dating phone service called "Lavalife Voice". To its credit, Lavalife has run many successful advertising TV campaigns during late night TV shows as well regular print campaigns in local city papers. These regular marketing efforts have certainly help distinguish Lavalife.com from the pack of other dating sites.

In short, there's plenty to do and plenty of "Lava singles" to meet. Give Lavalife.com a try; we think that you'll come away impressed with the quality of the service.

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