Do You Have A Strong Marriage?


By IRavin

Do you think that your marriage will last the stand of time? Many, if not, all couples, hope there marriage will last a lifetime.

Here are several issues to keep in mind when asking yourself whether your marriage is changing its dynamic.

1) Are family pressures putting a strain on your relationship? This can include your family and the family of your significant other. They could be opinionated, demand a lot of your time, stubborn, etc.

2) Are you a different person now then when you first married your significant other? Its foreseeable and reasonable to assume we will all change. It is also possible that our change creates a personal and emotional distance from our significant other.

3) Are you still taking care of yourself as you did when you first dated and married your significant other? Taking each other for granted could mean you do not focus on your physical appearance.

4) Are you still having a great time with your significant other?

5) Are you still communicating openly and frequently with your significant other?

6) Do you miss your significant other when they are not around?

7) Do you look forward to spending time with your significant other?

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