Do Long Distance Relationships Ever Work?


By IRavin

In the past, people would frown upon the idea of a long distance relationship. The cynics would say, "how could this ever work?", "couples need to spend time together", "this is bound to fail", etc.

I sincerely believe a long distance relationship can become the healthiest form of a relationship. First, space is good. It lets both people focus on their personal and professional life. For instance, if they have to stay late at work, they do so without worrying about whether their significant other will be upset. Second, there are countless communication tools that let couples keep in touch: sype, instant messenger, video chat, cell phones, twitter, email, text. Third, couples are never more than a flight away from each other. Fourth, couples dont focus on the minutae when they are together. Often, the relationships become stale and mundane as couples simply focus on the day-to-day and minutae that occupies the day. With a long distance relationship, couples learn to appreciate each other and maximize the time spent together.

At the end of the day, the dynamic of a relationship has changed. Couples do not have to spend as much time together to have a healthy relationship. Sometimes, less is really more.

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